Time to Recap

Whilst I have been tinkering with JavaScript over the last few months.  I’ve not been documenting what I have been doing.

I have been active on codewars and been active on Udemy.

So let us put that right I got two very simple introductory books JavaScript Programming by Preston Prescott and JavaScript: A Guide to Learning the JavaScript Programming Language by Troy Dimes.  I decided not to go over Eloquent JavaScript as I will be doing Gordon Zhu’s courses later and reporting on them.

This is a basic summary of the Troy Dimes Book, the vast majority is known but it does no harm to summarise.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends lowercase tagging.

Variables in JavaScript are defined using the ‘var’ operator.

It is legal in JavaScript to have variables which hold different values at different times.  An advantage of being loosely typed. Can initialise a variable as a string and then set it as a numeric.

Variable names must start with letter, $ or _.

Right operand is the divisor, left is the dividend in a x/y division operator

A Boolean object should not be used convert a non-boolean value to a boolean value.  Use the Boolean() function.

A function is group of reusable code which can be called anywhere in the program vende viagra. Functions do need to be defined first.

Functions are objects in JavaScript.

The for/in loop will loop through the objects properties.

The standard objects such as document and window and their offspring are ver necessary, nut the browser defines them, not the programmer.

Overall its not a bad book and it did the job of providing me with a refresher without stretching me at all.  I’d prefer a stretch



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