The building blocks

Where do I start? There are many many references and so many learning places that I have spent the equivalent of a annual two week holiday just looking at references.  With so much out there, it is very hard to choose.

So I have decided to use these 3 books as the core.

  1. Eloquent JavaScript, not the best book but its free and not a bad place to start.
  2. Head First JavaScript –  I have had this book for a while and I like the layout of it, plus it does not look as stuffy as other text books
  3. JavaScript: The Good Parts – A very good JavaScript developer  told me if a JavaScript Developer does not have this book then I’d question why as it is very easily digestible.

I also have a host of Udemy courses some free and paid that I will go into as and when.

Code Academy are also a place of good resources.

Finally a place to test myself will be Codewars to put into practice what I have done donde comprar viagra sin receta en madrid.

For now this is enough and I will post more as I get going.


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