2nd November 2015

About Me

My name is Alwin, I’m old enough to know better and I love a challenge.

I’ve decided that after dipping my toes in many technologies to really get stuck in.  I’m going on a coding journey and learn JavaScript.  I have come across it before but never really did anything with it.  It is so integrated with the web and has been around for over 20 years now.

Why JavaScript I hear you cry?  Well its a language that lives and breathes on the web and we come across it every day.  So as it so widespread and known I’m going to do it. Also it is not as easy as Some Developers make it out to be.  It is complex in parts and is challenging too, so I’d like to experience it.  What I do like is that I can interact with a page without having to reload the webpage after every single action.  Gmail/googlemail is a great example, when you go from the inbox to sent mail, only the messages reload, everything remains the same, the content is updated effectively, without forcing a page reload

I did dip my toes into the world of code in the 80s with Basic when I was still at school, in the 90’s with Java and in the 00’s with .NET.  However never REALLY got into it that deeply.  This time I will truly get deep down and into the guts of JavaScript its a big challenge, and I WILL do it.

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